ARTIST STATEMENT:  I am called "project man" around the house.  Nothing pleases me more than seeing a pile of previously undone things finished at the end of the day!  When I stop, I hardly know what to do with myself.  Perhaps that is why retirement means opportunity to me!  I have finished re-making a civil war era log home, turned a double garage into a stained glass studio, and have taken over the kitchen with our Triple Tree Soap and Candle business!  
Ahh... this life I craft is one that keeps me alive and happy. 

Triple Tree Log Home/Studios

Making soap in the kitchen

Triple Tree's backside

Double Garage Glass Studio

Scottish Pub I (4')

Red Mandolin (3')

Bear and Deer (3')

Landscape I (4' high)

TRIPLE TREE LOG HOME:  With three young men leaving our city home and sports fields, Jamie and I wanted to find a rural home with alot of land.  So, we bought 50 acres in Wayne County, KY.  There was a small building there and--we had no idea at the time-- under the ragged clapboard was an original site log house. 

At first we thought the old structure would make a great guest house.  I looked around for salvage materials.  From a Somerset  building set for demolition, I was able to reclaim floor joists, oak flooring, doors, and wood planks.  Then, as we got into replacing most materials-- including a few logs, we decided WE would love to live in it.  

Some of the projects that made this log building a modern home were as follows: stripping the logs and replacing them on a stable foundation; adding electricity and plumbing; raising the roof line upstairs for a larger bedroom; building an extension for a studio, laundry room, and bath; replacing the chimney and door spaces with climate windows; and re-chinking.

It took twelve years to complete, but the results are a home/studio we are privileged to live in. The last residents, Irma and Kenneth Johnson, raised 13 children here.  The only history we know on the house is that it was once home to freed slaves.  As I said, a privilege.   

TRIPLE TREE SOAPS AND CANDLES: Recently, Jamison and I have developed a natural soy soap and candle business.  If life was not complicated enough with two mediums between us, we felt compelled to add a third!  They say that necessity is the mother of invention: when we helped create selling venues in the Carnegie Center with other artists, we saw that we had no soap nor candles makers.  "Why not us," we asked ourselves? 

The next step was to create our own formulas and give the natural soy soap/candles a unique, green packaging.  Wrapped in recycled men's shirts, our 12 soap/candle types are all natural. We use it and love it!  We know you will too! 

STAINED GLASS: I have been inspired by stained glass art all my life.  I was mesmerized, during my childhood, by the beautiful stained glass windows in the churches and cathedrals my family visited and attended.  I was drawn to the mixing of colors, patterns and designs I saw in these works of art.  I collected stained glass art over the years, but it wasn’t until I retired that I decided to turn my dreams and passion into works of art.  

My works include landscapes and patterns that reflect nature, as well as commissioned works for churches, organizations and individuals.

I was honored to be the Master Musicians' Festival Artist in 2009.  'The Blue Guitar' I designed that year was later auctioned and donated to the festival.  

Scottish Pub II (4')

Blue Guitar (3')

Ivy Privacy Window (4')

U of L Medical Symbol (3')

Inside the Log Home

A wedding at Triple Tree

Vin d' Hall (4')

Above-the-Doors window (6')

Colorful Above-the-Doors window (6')

Bear and Deer (3')

Horse on Track (3')

Landscape II (4' high)